Meet Your Neighbors

Chinatowns. Without traveling far, many people can visit Chinatowns and see the unique architecture, visit temples, taste dim sum, wander through butcher shops, grocery stores and bakeries full of ethnic comestibles, sample all kinds of teas and visit fortune cookie factories. In the United States, there are Chinatowns in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, Houston, and many more cities. There are Chinatowns in England, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the United States plus many other countries.

Norine Dresser's book, Multicultural Celebrations, Today’s Rules and Etiquette for Life’s Special Occasions, gives invaluable advice about how to behave if you’re lucky enough to be invited to share another culture’s holidays. (Multicultural Celebrations, Today's Rules of Etiquette for Life's Special Occasions, 1999 Three Rivers Press)

Good Luck Life: The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture, is a treasure chest, a compelling collection that’s as fun as it is fascinating. You’ll discover: Rosemary Gong’s graceful poetry and memories of Chinese-American celebrations; the legends and lore---secrets and significance---facts and history—that define each holiday; plus recipes and check lists for creating your own authentic Chinese- American occasions. (Good Luck Life: The Essential Guide to Chinese American Celebrations and Culture, Rosemary Gong, January 2005, HarperResource)

For My Puja Room is a book for Hindu women who conduct pujas at shrines in their homes (or for others who would like to.) Published with both Hindi and English text. This book will help you understand and conduct these beautiful rituals. (For My Puja Room, Kiran Agarwal, 2000, Arpan Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India)