Decorate Your Home

Scheherazade in Manhattan is run by Kim Koenig-Ouassil, a former stylist who worked for Martha Stewart Living. Her Moroccan ceramic tanginess and tribal carpets have, according to the New York Times, “rock star flair.” She and her husband travel to Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Andalusia, Tunisia and Syria to collect contemporary and antique furnishings and commission exclusive designs by local artisans. Scheherazade, 121 Orchard Street, New York City. Website:

Pamela Advento has introduced a collection of custom handmade rugs created in her native Philippines from woven leaves of the abaca tree. They are available at Le Décor Francais, a New York boutique owned and operated by Jacqueline Couman. Le Décor Francais, 1006 Lexington Avenue, New York City. Website:

Stephanie Odegard. Click here to see Tibetan Rugs, a 3-minute video introduction to Stephanie Odegard’s collections. She has been involved in assisting developing countries’ traditional crafts since she served in the Peace Corps in Fiji in 1976. After stints with the UN and World Bank, she founded Odegard Inc., a revolutionary company known for social responsibility, environmental sensitivity, inspired design and excellent quality. Her “jewelry for the home” will soon be visible on line. Odegard Inc., 200 Lexington Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC, NY 10016. Website: