Act Now and Change the World

Act Now and Change the World! You can help solve the problems that plague women and their families everywhere. Activism can be as ordinary as drinking a cup of coffee---or as extraordinary as taking a volunteer vacation in another country.

The Understand Section helps you discover more about how women live in other countries through what they create: books, music, movies and much more. Find places to purchase their crafts, jewelry, and clothing designs. Try recipes from all over the world. Want to study in other countries with women who teach traditional crafts like lace making? Want to hike in the Himalayas with a Nepalese woman trekking guide? Dine in a Marrakech garden restaurant owned by 16 women chefs from Fez? You can!

The Act Section includes hundreds of ideas to inspire your activism. You can work toward ending hunger, shape policy or help women and children. The nonprofit organizations in the Act section are virtually all run by women (unusual; men are six times more likely to run large nonprofits). Women founders, Presidents, Board Chairs, CEOs and Executive Directors are acting now to change the world.

The Section for Men and Boys Men and boys who want to help support the rights of women and girls can participate in the organizations listed here that are doing exactly that. This section is a "work in progress." If you know of nonprofits that should be listed, please send their names and websites to the email address on the press contact page.

The Grandmother Section If you're a grandmother who wants to create a better world for your grandchildren, join the global grandmother movement. In this special section you will find groups of activist grandmothers in thirty countries who are improving childrens' education, health, the environment, as well as social and economic injustice. Learn how to start, join, support or network with grandmother groups around the world.

The Festival Section includes some of the annual festivals around the world that celebrate women's attributes, accomplishments, rights of passage and spiritual lives. A sampling of these events are listed on this site by month. Holidays are celebrated in different places in different ways. Dates change so confirm the curent year schedule with each country's tourist board, then enjoy yourself!



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